a stroll down memory lane

So, lately I’ve been reminiscing about my past… maybe a little bit too much but I can’t seem to help it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m ungrateful about my present situation or anything like that but recently I find myself thinking about what was and what could have been. I know some of you might consider this unhealthy, why dwell in the past when your future is so bright, right?

But here’s the thing… since summer of 2006 I started keeping a diary. At first it was just for fun and personal whining, but as I grew as a person and the life around me grew with me, I started to write in it more regularly, keeping a record of my day-to-day life, mostly ordinary school events and going-ons. It has now been exactly 6 years since I wrote my first diary entry. I still keep all my diaries and now and again I take it out and laugh to myself about how I was back then, so young and naïve (not that I’m not still…) and wish that I could go back to those blissfully ignorant high school days.

I must admit that some of the stuff I wrote about (which I thought was cool at the time) makes me cringe now, but those few hours spent revisiting my past is always a joy for me. Surely there’s no harm in wanting to keep the memories of your best days alive… is there?

a stroll down memory lane

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