it’s on sale! I have to buy it!

it's on SALE! I have to buy it!

There have been a lot of sales going on in shops all over Hong Kong recently and I don’t know what it is, but whenever I see that red and white SALE sign I immediately go to spend spend spend mode. I’d go in the shop, browse for a while, try on some stuff and 9 out of 10 times end up buying something I don’t need just because it was on discount. It’s like a compulsion… or maybe I’m just too much of a shopaholic.

I know I shouldn’t fall for the oldest trick in the book but when I see that huge SALE sign covering the shop’s window I’d think to myself ‘hmm… there’s a sale going on, I’ll just go and check the prices… I won’t buy anything, I have too much stuff already.’ But that’s the unrecoverable mistake; if you’re not going to buy, don’t go in! Because once I go into the shop, I’m hooked. Even if I have resolutely made my mind up not to buy anything, that resolve wavers as soon as I step foot inside the shop. And when you’re trying on those shoes or that dress, you start making up excuses for yourself. ‘Well, I haven’t bought anything in a while’ or ‘I think I should treat myself for how well I did on that assignment two weeks ago’ or ‘it’s only $99, no biggie’ (this is the second mistake, if you’re only there to look, don’t try anything on! Easier said than done though, I know… sometimes I just can’t help it!)

that time I went a little crazy #sorrynotsorry

Admit it, we’ve all done it one time or another. But who are we fooling? The truth is if that SALE sign was not plastered on the glass, you wouldn’t even have entered the shop in the first place. It’s like the lyrics of Maroon 5’s song, One More Night, from their new album Overexposed: “and I’d be waking up, feeling satisfied but guilty as hell”. Of course Adam Levine is singing about… ahem… something completely different there, but the line is still valid. In fact let me change the words slightly to better accommodate the situation: “and I’d be walking out (of the shop), feeling satisfied but guilty as hell”. Am I right?

It’s a love hate relationship with SALEs. On one hand you’re grateful if something you really need to buy is on sale, but on the other hand you tend to buy other unnecessary things that you’d normally avoid buying if said items were not on discount. And let’s face it, most items on sale are still hugely overpriced, very rarely do we see ‘70% off!’ outside the shop and go in to find the items truly at 30% their original price. They always sneakily add a teeny tiny ‘up to’ before the oversized percentage off.

Having said all that however, I’m pretty sure I’d end up being a victim of the SALE sign again in the future. I just love retail therapy too much. If only I have a salary to match my insatiable appetite. I blame the female gene for this one!

it’s on sale! I have to buy it!

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