December should be…

december should be...1

If November is my favourite month, then December is my other favourite month; and today I finally got round to doing something that’s way long overdue: organise and update my Christmas playlist. From Michael Bublé’s jazzy vocals to Mariah Carey’s classic ballads, from modern pop-ish Christmas carol renditions to classic Christmas hymns, I love them all. It’s the perfect way to get me in the festive mood, which I always find kind of difficult since it’s 30°C and sunny here all year round.

December should be drinking hot cocoa, sitting by the window at night watching the first flakes of snow fall and waking up to a smooth, flawless blanket of white the next morning followed by an epic snowball fight with your brothers that leaves your hands, ears and nose numb and sore from the cold but it’s totally worth it. December should be cuddles in your bed and burrowing yourself under your warm, cosy duvet mumbling 5 more minutes. December should be boots and scarves, down jackets and knee-high woolen socks, mittens and hats and knitted everything. December should be wrapping yourself in all of that before you brave the below zero temperature and bitter wind to go to your favourite Christmas market, get lost in the many magical stalls and totally binge on roasted, caramelised cashew nuts, German bratwurst, Belgian waffles and fudge candies. December should be hot showers that you never wanna leave and wondering how you can ever live without central heating and a pair of warm, fluffy socks. December should be watching Christmas family movies while the smell of your mum’s home cooked grilled whole chicken complete with stuffing and potatoes waft out of the oven. December should be dusting off the ginger-bread-man-shaped cookie cutter and decorating said ginger breads with button sweets and melted chocolate. December should be winter.

Well, at least, that’s the December I used to remember and know so well for the past 10+ years, especially when we were still in Manchester. After 5 years I still miss it so much and I sincerely hope to spend Christmas there again one year. But despite the fact that I gut-wrenchingly miss what December should be, I’m still glad and super grateful that I get to spend this blessed month with my family. My brother is coming home for the holidays on Christmas day itself, I’ve not seen him for 7 months and I’ll be picking him up from the airport on the 25th. Now that’s true Christmas happiness.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, spend it with your loved ones, the ones closest to your hearts, don’t forget to keep the Christ in Christmas and have a happy and blessed New Year 2014!

photo taken just before the full-blown snowball fight
December should be…

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