I miss you

“You can never love someone as much as you can miss them.”

– John Green

What does it mean to miss someone? Well, for me I miss you means there’s no halfway point. It’s either “I miss you so much it hurts that part inside my chest, slightly to the left, and even the pressure of putting my hand over it can’t ease the pain” or “I don’t miss you at all, in fact I haven’t even thought of you once in I don’t know how long.” I miss you means my heart is silently crying that I can’t be with you right this moment and all the time.

I miss you means I’m wishing for that one thing so badly it just consumes my every being. I miss you means all my waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours are focused on that moment when I can finally see your beautiful face and being greeted by your smile is what keeps me going through the mundane everyday happenings.

I miss you means I long for your fingers on my chin and running through my hair, your enveloping hug that I always feel safe in, your lips on my forehead and your hand delicately pressing at the small of my back. I miss you means you also longing for my fingers intertwined in yours, me going on my tiptoes to shyly give you a peck on each cheek, my overlong fringe that you’re dying to tuck over my ear, my eyes and those blink blink blink that I do to distract you from a question I don’t want to answer.

I miss you means I get goose-bumps when I think about you, I mean REALLY think about you. I miss you means I repeatedly listen to that song you sent me and in my head you’re the one singing it especially for me and each word of the lyrics keeps resounding in my heart and mind. I miss you means seeing a certain red and yellow tee hanging in a shop and stopping in my tracks cos you have one exactly like it. I miss you means walking past ‘our sofa’ and seeing all the good times and laughs we shared on it.

I miss you means feeling the sting of tears in my eyes as I’m writing this and reminiscing our too short but beyond sweet time together. Isn’t missing someone the worst and best feeling after love?

I miss you

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