Inspired by a recent, impromptu road trip; and even though I know my poem-writing skill is pretty much amateur-ish, it’s the thought that counts right? Besides, how else can I get better if not by posting semi-rhyming disasters like this one below?

As I look out the car window,
Half asleep, half daydreaming
I see endless row after row
Of padi fields and birds flying.

And all I can think of is
Running through those fields of green,
Not caring the consequences,
Or what it could possibly mean.

What would it feel like to be totally free?
Just like those birds soaring above,
To open your arms and embrace the warm breeze,
Would it feel like falling in love?

Ok, the more times I re-read that, the more I’m convinced that I should just stick to posting descriptive, albeit personal, writings. Yup, we can’t be half-way decent at everything.


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