hey there, stranger


A few nights ago a little bird gave me just what I needed: a little push to pick up the pencil (yes, I still write my first drafts on pencil and paper) and write this piece.

You may have noticed that the last post I wrote was over two months ago. To be honest, I haven’t so much as opened my blog since publishing that post. I apologize. Although I have set a personal target of one post per month, I have lapses now and again and when I enter these lapses it’s usually quite difficult for me to get out of it. I could blame writer’s block or my busy schedule getting in the way of said target, but the truth is I’m just not making enough effort to escape that lapse; until today that is. So what gave me the encouragement I desperately needed?

A stranger.

He got me unstuck by uttering the simple words: “wow. I like. The blog that is *smiley face*”. That was all it took to make me feel appreciated and think to myself ‘hey, someone does read my blog’. It also made me feel ashamed that I had neglected writing in it for so long. Granted I had been really busy these last couple of months but that’s hardly an excuse. Sorry blog!

I initially started this personal blog (personal being the keyword) as a way to chronicle my journey as I clumsily meander through the ever-changing phases of life. I always used to think that this blog is for me, an online diary if you will, to pour out all my thoughts and opinions and emotions as well as a means to practice and improve my writing and story-telling skills. But that’s not to say that I don’t crave recognition as much as the next girl; I think we all crave that, deep down we all just want to stand up and shout “notice me!”.

But isn’t it funny how eight little words (emoji counts as a word right?) can get me all geared up to start writing again? Sometimes all we need is a little poke in the right direction, a whisper, a nudge to get us going again. So as the person to free me from that rut, he deserves to be the star of this post. You better feel special M; only a handful of people make it onto this blog. If the rest of you are wondering who this stranger is, he’s a guy I haven’t seen or spoken to since our innocent high school days; but once in a blue moon he pops out of nowhere and makes witty little comments that make my day, cos he’s cool like that.

To everyone else who reads my blog and spends their precious minutes on me, be it just to read one article or comic, please give me a thumbs up or leave a comment so that I’ll know who you are! I’ll be eternally grateful and who knows, if you make a significant enough impression on me, you just might find yourself in the limelight of my next piece.

hey there, stranger

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