I left my heart in Hong Kong

I left my heart in Hong Kong

This post is going to be short and bittersweet. I miss Hong Kong. There’s just no way to sugarcoat that truth. I miss every bit of that concrete, metropolitan jungle.

I miss the mornings spent walking down to campus just to get a mediocre breakfast of toast and scrambled eggs. Snoozing my alarm and going ‘nope, not going to that 8am class’ cos it’s 5 degrees outside and it’s a toasty, cosy 20 inside my duvet nest.

I miss the afternoons spent trying to find a place to eat lunch that doesn’t resemble Apple Store on product launch day, and ending up in McDonald’s. Always.

I miss the evenings spent window shopping in Festival Walk, Harbour City, Langham Place, Hysan Place, iSquare and countless other malls; you name it, I’ve explored it. Battling the MTR rush hour and feeling like a champ when I get to squeeze in before the beep beep beep of the train doors.

I miss the nights spent strolling around ever-crowded Mong Kok, passing by those zany street performers and thinking ‘only in Hong Kong’. Victoria harbour and that salty ocean breeze blowing in my hair; dessert hunting and double/triple dating; and at the end of it all, a roommate that I get to have a heart-to-heart, pillow-to-pillow, girly talk with.

Those are just a minuscule amount of a sea of memories and experiences that are locked in my heart; a tumultuous mix of tears and laughter – the little things that I used to take for granted, back when I thought they were countless. How wrong I was.

I left my heart in Hong Kong

2 thoughts on “I left my heart in Hong Kong

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Rosary. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be eloquently said – just honestly said.

    Until I left Hong Kong, I had no idea that I could be homesick for someplace that wasn’t my ‘home’.


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