getting lost in their world

Following a couple of super busy weeks, I took my revenge in the form of binging on Korean dramas and finished two in two weeks. Last weekend I was literally living in my PJs, only leaving my room for food or toilet needs. Yes I’m addicted, admitting it is the first step right? Although the first step to what exactly, I’m not too sure.

I always get totally engrossed in their intricate love hexagon and wholeheartedly root for ‘the couple’; for the guy (who most of the time seem to be a jerk initially) to get the girl (who most of the time is not exactly the prettiest but more lovable because of, and not despite of, it). I sympathize with the best friend, ‘the other guy’ also known as ‘the nice guy’, the one who’s cared for her the longest – has been the most patient, and yet witnesses the girl snatched away from right under his nose by the male protagonist. How my heart ache right along with his.

I get swept away and laugh along with the side romance that I think is almost sweeter than the real drama because it’s more real, more plausible, more relatable. The main romance is getting drunk and he carries you home on his back. It’s meeting him ‘by chance’ in grocery stores and vacation islands abroad. It’s you getting into the worst trouble and he appears out of nowhere at exactly the right moment just to save the day. It’s the fantasy, the dream, the ‘too good to be true’. But the side romance? The side romance is coffee dates and office meetings. It’s taking silly selfies and picking stupid little fights. It’s you getting into the worst trouble and he’s nowhere to be found, but you call him and he comes running to make sure you’re ok. It’s the reality, the possibility, the ‘that could happen to me’. The side romance (most of the time starring either protagonist’s close friends or relatives and served with a good dose of humour) deserves more screen time.

I get just as infuriated with that one annoying b**** (who most of the time is a rich, spoiled brat who claims the guy for herself despite his lack of interest in her) and get this urge to slap her every time she appears or opens her mouth. But, unlike life, usually by the end of the drama she redeems herself and I find myself growing fond of said b****.

I get obsessed with the OST (Official Soundtrack) and my iPod is now sprinkled with them, a few from each of the drama I’ve watched. I suffer greatly from withdrawal symptoms when I finish watching a drama; blame the finale. For some reason, the last episode always feels rushed and underprepared. It’s like they spend 15 or so episodes building up to a climax and then it all ends with a fast forward to a few years later where somehow everything has miraculously worked out and each character gets their happy ending; not that I’m complaining, hopeless romantic remember? But it gives me no satisfactory closure, hence the withdrawal symptoms; I always crave for more.

But oh those scenes… they make up for any cons and flaws. Those scenes that render me mushy and incoherent, those moments that have me clutching my chest and squeezing the life out of my pillow and going ‘awwww’.

So despite the fact that every episode ends in a cliffhanger (which means “just one more” is always a lie) and despite the countless screams of “kiss her already!” at my laptop screen in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep, I don’t see my love for Korean dramas dissipating any time soon. Because this:

Girl: Do you like me?
Guy: Yes.
Girl: How much do you like me?
Guy: Right now, I feel I will love you until the day I die. But I’m not sure how much longer that will be… because it feels like I might die right now from loving you.

Heart. Melt.

getting lost in their world

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