conversations with mum

mum with my cheeky little brother ^_^

I’m one of the really lucky ones to have someone so selfless as a mother. She would never buy or do anything for herself, yet she wouldn’t even hesitate to give an arm and a leg if that was what her children needed. I remember when I was still studying abroad in Hong Kong, one short phone call from her could make my day so much brighter, could make any problem seem less of a problem.

I’m one of the really lucky ones to be able to have a mother who is not only a mother, but also a best friend and a sister; to be able to tell her almost anything, laugh with her, go shopping with her, and share clothes and shoes with her. I thank God for her every morning when I wake up and every night before I fall asleep because I know there are so many people who are not in good terms with their mother.

So in honour of Mother’s Day, here are just a few of the many quirky, little conversations I’ve had with my mum over the years. I hope it brings a smile to your face and reminds you just how special your own mother is.

Mum: Wake up, it’s 11 already.
Me: Mum, you know my day doesn’t start till 2.
Mum: Yeah, doesn’t mean you don’t get up till noon. What will you do when you have kids?
Me: I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.
*hides under cover*

Mum: You need to drop your brother off at his friend’s house tomorrow; dad is going away for 2 days to Riau.
Me: Ok… Wait what!? Dad’s going to Rio?
Mum: Yeah, with his boss.
Me: They’re going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!?
Mum: Huh? What? No, Pekanbaru, Riau.
Me: Oohhh.
*you nearly gave me a heart attack there mum*

Bro: I’m gonna watch the Italy-England match at 5 am.
Me: You crazy?! Why would you wake up at 5 just to watch football?
Dad: It’s not just football, it’s the World Cup.
Mum: Football is football.
Me: Exactly.
Bro: Ah, you won’t understand.
Dad: (to my bro) So who’re you rooting for? Italy or England?
Mum: (before bro can answer) How many teams is England sending to the World Cup this year?
*minute of silence*
Me: Ok, I’m not as bad as mum!

Bro: What colour is the dress?
Me: It’s obviously white and gold.
Bro: What!? No way man, it’s obviously black and blue.
Me: Where is the black man!? The white might pass for a very light blue, but there’s no way you can call that black!
Bro: What are you talking about? It’s definitely black and blue.
Me: Mum, dad, what colour is the dress?
Dad: Black and blue.
Bro: See?
Me: Whaaaat…
Mum: White and gold. You guys really see black and blue? Nonsense!
Me: Yes, mum yes!
*she gets me*

Me: OMG! There’s a cockroach in the bathroom!
Mum: Where?
Me: Behind the door.
Mum: (goes in the bathroom, closes the door, comes out after 2 minutes) It’s dead now, go take a shower.
*supermum, she’s my hero*

Yep, I’m one of the really lucky ones.

So make today about HER. Hug her, kiss her, make her breakfast, pick up the phone and call her, visit her, give her flowers, take time to be with her, and say you love her. It really doesn’t take much to make your mother smile.

my 2nd birthday ^_^

Happy Mother’s Day to my irreplaceable mum and every other mother out there. I love you to the Sun and back a gazillion times.

conversations with mum

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