a staycation to remember (part I)


Last week, I and a group of friends from Church decided on an impromptu trip to puncak. We stayed three days, two nights in these gorgeous villas, got into the most fun shenanigans and were blessed with beautiful weather throughout the weekend. This is our story.

Day 1 – a day we thought would never end

We left our homes in Alam Sutera at 5 a.m. on Friday. That morning, before the sun rose and it was still dark, our group of 25 gathered around the minibus that would take us up. Even with most of us still half asleep, the excitement was tangible in the murmurs and soft chatters around me. I spent most of the bus ride catching up on my sleep but it was to be a short one as in a mere couple of hours I was woken up with shouts of “we’re nearly there” and “that was fast”.

As I stumbled off the vehicle I took a look around me and was immediately awestruck by the beauty surrounding me. A short exploration of the resort revealed the huge mountain peak to one side, a river flowing under a sturdy, wooden bridge and rows of padi just across it. We quickly trekked through the rice fields to stretch our legs and breathe in the cool, morning air before checking into our rooms, which was another jaw-dropping moment.

The room was big enough to house two queen-size beds with plenty of space to spare. But the first thing that caught my eyes were not those comfy mattresses, it was the huge glass window that opened onto a balcony and a bird’s eye view of the river below. The morning rays filtering through the translucent, white curtains and the sound of flowing water alone were enough to make me feel like I was in the middle of a peaceful forest. It was the image of serenity.

After getting settled in and depositing our bags, we went up to the kitchen area for some breakfast after which we decided to explore the surrounding area further and took some scenic shots.

After a quick lunch, we wondered how it was only midday; it felt like the day should’ve progressed more than it had (we even managed to sneak in a power nap before lunch). We ended up at the pool as most of us wanted to go swimming.

We spent the afternoon and the better part of the evening burning calories and playing competitive water ball games where the losing team was charged with washing the dishes. After we were well and truly spent from all the splashing around, we moved the party to the Jacuzzi. It wasn’t a particularly large one and it was a bit of a squeeze fitting everyone in; but it did the job of warming us up after the cold water of the pool.

After shower and dinner, we lounged around in our connecting rooms and the night was spent playing rounds of cards and a game of spin the bottle/truth or dare with a make-up twist. At around 10 p.m., we all got pretty peckish so we decided to go up to the kitchen and devoured almost our entire stock of Indomie. I went to bed that first night tired (it had been one long day and a very early start) but beyond content.


Puncak: a popular place for a short vacation away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta’s city life. It is the area surrounding the peak of Mt. Gede-Pangrango, located in the Bogor-Cianjur-Sukabumi regencies, in the province of West Java, Indonesia.

Padi (paddy): rice plants.

Indomie: Indonesia’s most popular brand of instant noodles.

a staycation to remember (part I)

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