a staycation to remember (part II)


Day 2 – a day we never wanted to end

The next morning I woke up to the sound of sleepy chatter and sunlight pouring through the glass window that replaced the far wall. Breakfast and a shower were first on the agenda; then the girls got all dolled up for an amateur photo-shoot.

We strolled through the resort searching for photo-worthy spots and mostly ended up on the bridge overlooking the river and various staircases that led to different parts of the buildings. When the sun was directly overhead and it got too hot for us to be outdoors any longer, we retreated to the kitchen to cool down and have lunch.

That afternoon, a few of us decided to go cycling around the resort; there were numerous bicycles for guests to use and we went round the track several times before ending up at the pool again.

We swam till the sun set where we proceeded to have dinner followed by a merry bonfire by the rice fields. We grilled sweet corns, sang and gossiped around the fire until there was nothing left but charred woods. The guys were keen on going down to a sate place that locals praised for its beef satay; I had no idea how they could possibly still be hungry but I tagged along anyway. The restaurant was a 10-minute walk from the villa and the beef satay was indeed very tender and delicious. I could only manage to eat 3 skewers but the rest of the guys ate with gusto and finished off in total seven portions of satay and a bakul of rice. With our stomachs full, we made our way past the still busy highway, even though it was nearing midnight, back to our rooms.

Some of the girls and younger kids were too tired to do anything more so they said goodnight and retired to their beds. The guys somehow managed to persuade me and my roomie to stay awake for a game of billiards. The billiard table was right next to the pool and we took turns at it; I’m proud to say I was successful in potting a few balls, although the guys did go way easy on me. After the games ended we joined the others to play kartu babi. If you don’t know what that is, just know that it’s an adrenaline-pumping, super ridiculous and insanely fun game of cards that will leave your throat dry and your voice hoarse from all the shouting and (very loud) laughter that will surely ensue. At around 2 a.m., I gave up and trudged back to my room. I was dead on my feet, but at the same time I really didn’t want the night to end because I knew we would have to leave later that day.

I woke up at 10 a.m. on Sunday. After shower and brunch, there were just a couple of hours left to pack up our stuff and tidy up the rooms before checking out. Then it was back to the minibus and on our way home. The journey back was much quicker than I had anticipated, there being no traffic jam, so we were home by 3 p.m. It had been a truly magical weekend that has made us closer together and I’m forever blessed to be a part of this ohana.


Sate (satay): an Indonesian delicacy made of small pieces of grilled meat, usually chicken or beef/lamb, on skewers; served with sweet soy sauce or peanut sauce.

Bakul: a traditional bowl or basket made of long, thin strips of wood woven together into shape.

Kartu Babi (literal translation – pig card): a game of cards in which the objective is to collect the same number of each suit, the first to do so invents a unique movement or pose that the other players need to replicate. The last player to copy said movement or pose is demoted into a pig. This is just the general outline; the actual game contains additional rules that are a little more complex.

Ohana: family.

a staycation to remember (part II)

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