[comic] – k-drama addict

This was totally me last week… actually this is me every time I get hooked on a new Korean drama. I just can’t resist the urge to binge, and that “one more episode” I tell myself is always a lie. I recently finished 오 나의 귀신님 (Oh My Ghostess) and I’m currently watching 피노키오 (Pinocchio). Speaking of Pinocchio, did anybody else notice Lee Jong-suk’s little mole just under his right eye and think it’s super cute? Just me? okay…

You can click here to read more about my k-drama addiction, or click here to read about the first k-drama I ever watched that got me hooked (hint: it had to do with a certain handsome 오빠). Also, if you have any suggestions on which k-drama I should watch next, leave a comment below!

[comic] – k-drama addict

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