k-pop 101

k-pop 101

Ok so I’m still a newbie in the k-pop world, and I’m still hesitant whether or not to fall head first into it. I’m already hooked to k-dramas; do I really want to add k-pop to my list of obsessions? But then I saw this music video by GOT7 and I dare you to watch it and tell me it is not just the cutest thing you ever did see – them feeeels!

So naturally I scoured YouTube for more adorable, and I didn’t have to look far before I found this:

Minute 0:54 was when I gave up resisting k-pop and just went full on fangirl mode on those GOT7 boys. I mean c’mon, how can you not? How can you watch that video and not want to find out more about each of them individually? Usually when I watch a k-pop video I’ll enjoy the song and dance routines but don’t really care much about the members of the group, or even the group itself. GOT7 is the first group that got me genuinely interested and made me want to memorise each member’s names and bio facts.

Having said that though, and also having stalked Googled each group member separately (and realised that they’re all younger than me – well, I can just be their 누나), I still have a hard time recognising them in different MVs. They all look different in every music video I see, hence why I still don’t know who’s who or even the names of all the members in the group. Trying to recognise them from their hair colour is pointless too because they change their hair colour and style so often I just can’t keep track. I can only spot Jackson in the MVs, and that’s only because I watched him in a few episodes of Law of the Jungle (a Korean variety show). That’s the thing, I only ever recognise the members who have appeared in variety shows, like Running Man, or k-dramas.

Speaking of dramas, you’ll see a lot of k-pop guys and girls in k-dramas; it seems like every k-pop idol also has a natural flair for acting. The most recent one I watched was Cheer Up! 발칙하게 고고, featuring APink’s Jung Eun-ji, and it was one of the best dramas I’ve seen. I totally fell in love with her character and the two male leads, especially Lee Won-geun’s eye smile #swoon… but I digress.

There is also something called a ‘bias’. Most people, myself included, read the word ‘bias’ and think:

“A tendency to believe that some people, ideas, etc., are better than others that usually results in treating some people unfairly.”

– Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Well, at least that’s what it says when I open my dictionary. In the k-pop world however, this word has a slightly different meaning. Your ‘bias’ is the person in the group that you like the most (and imagine yourself in sexy scenarios with ha.. ha..)

Nickname is another thing in k-pop. There will be at least one group member who has a nickname that is nothing like their real name. Take GOT7 for example, out of the 7 guys, 3 have nicknames: Junior, JB and Bam Bam (and Junior is not even the 막내 maknae – youngest person in the group). This makes it even more difficult to memorise who’s who because sometimes you’ll see their real name instead of their stage name, or vice versa.

The fans of a group will have their own name too. I guess this one is not so strange, I mean Western artists have this too right? Beliebers, Swifties, Directioners, etc. Well, GOT7 fans are apparently called AhGaSe, which is a wordplay/short for IGOT7; it also means ‘baby bird’ – pretty sure this translation has nothing to do with the band name though. I had to Google what AhGaSe means when I heard Mark (I think it’s Mark) say “아가새 Merry Christmas” at the end of that video. Ok, I totally thought he said “아가씨 Merry Christmas” when I first heard it and fangirled a little bit *hides from embarrassment*. But then I scrolled through the comments and realised he actually said아가새 and not아가씨. I don’t think I can call myself an AhGaSe just yet, I’ve only heard a few of their songs and still don’t even remember who’s who (7 people is a lot for a group! Although in k-pop it’s considered the average I guess). But when I see the video and hear them declare love for their fans in such a cute way, I can’t help it; I wanna be an AhGaSe #sorrynotsorry. So even though I’m still a newbie at this k-pop thing, I find myself slowly but surely pulled into it with every MV I watch.

I learnt the Korean finger heart-eu ㅋㅋㅋ

Anyone wanna recommend any k-pop songs I should give a listen? I’m open to suggestions, leave a comment below!

k-pop 101

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