[comic] – k-drama addict (part II)

The drama I was watching was 응답하라 1997 (Reply 1997) and, trust me, you cannot watch one episode without literal LOL moments. So yes, I laughed by myself like a crazy person, I cried by myself like a crazy person, I shouted “say yes! say anything!” by myself like a crazy person. Can’t help it when I’m watching a drama as awesome as Reply 1997. Also, I totally fell in love with Seo In-guk watching him play Yoon Yoon-jae despite the fact that this was the first time I’ve heard of him. Highly recommended!

Also, having finished that drama and wanting to alleviate my withdrawal symptoms, I’m currently watching 태양의 후예 (Descendants of the Sun). I originally was not planning to watch it because bloody battlefields and violent war zones are really not my cup of tea in the drama genre. But with all the hype that’s been going on around it, I caved and gave it a try; and I’m glad I did because after watching several episodes, the show and characters are really growing on me. I have to say too, the drama has one of the most beautiful OSTs; it’s very rare that I love every single song played in any given drama. I know some people think the dramatic music cues have been too excessive since the very beginning, but I’m really loving it. I also know that this drama is Song Joong-ki’s comeback since his military service, but honestly this is also the first time I’ve heard of him; and he’s killing it with Yoo Shi-jin’s character (and winning my heart with each intense stare and every dorky grin). The lines do get super cheesy at times, but that’s ok, it wouldn’t be a k-drama without a little cheesiness. Let’s just hope it stays awesome till the end; there’s nothing like a badly written/executed finale to ruin (what could have been) a good drama.

OMG, this turned into a super long k-drama review, 미안 (sorry ha.. ha..) If you enjoyed this comic, give it a like or if you just wanna discuss more k-drama with me, feel free to leave a comment below! We can be crazy k-drama addicts (and fangirl/swoon over hot 오빠들 in uniform) together.

[comic] – k-drama addict (part II)

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