[comic] – k-drama addict (part III)

So… this is the result of binge-watching Korean dramas (one after another #cantstopwontstop), I start to subconsciously use commonly spoken Korean phrases in my everyday life. Seriously though, I think I’ve learned more Korean by watching k-dramas than if I were to take Korean language classes. Who says watching k-dramas is a useless waste of time?

I recently finished watching 응급남녀 (Emergency Couple) and currently watching 딴따라 (Entertainer). I’m slowly working down my to-watch list of k-dramas.

If you can relate, leave a comment below on which Korean phrases you use most often; and if  you enjoyed reading this comic, don’t forget to give it a like! 감사합니다!

p.s. if you find any spelling/translation errors in any of my phrases, please point them out and let me know and I will try my best to correct it. As you know, I’m just a beginner learner (and k-dramas are my only teachers) so some inaccuracy might happen.

[comic] – k-drama addict (part III)

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