[comic] – gotta catch ’em all

With all the hype surrounding Pokémon GO, I just had to make a comic to tell you guys about my experience with it. As you can see though, it was far from pleasant.

Like most ’90s kids, I grew up with Pokémon. I collected the cards, I played the game on my Game Boy, and I watched the cartoons. So I was pretty excited when I heard about the premise of Pokémon GO. The game officially launched in Indo last week, so a couple of days ago I downloaded it to give it a go. But as is evident from the comic above, it did not live up to my expectations.

Maybe the game is not working properly for me because I’m playing it on my iPod touch? But I tried it on my android phone too and I still got the ‘GPS signal not found’ error. On my iPod, it takes a while to connect to the GPS, but then the game would just crash after five minutes; not exactly ideal. I don’t wanna give up on this game, but at this point there’s not much I can do… T-T

Anyone have any tips on how to fix these problems?

(Oh, also did you notice anything different in my comic? I’ve decided to type up the text because I realised that I don’t have the best handwriting and sometimes it can be kinda difficult to read once it’s gone through the scanner, Photoshop and Illustrator. I hope you guys find it easier to enjoy my comics now! ^_^)

[comic] – gotta catch ’em all

13 thoughts on “[comic] – gotta catch ’em all

    1. yep, they were certainly more popular with the male population. But that didn’t stop me from joining in, maybe because I grew up with 2 brothers haha, thanks for giving my comic a read!


  1. The comics are definitely easier to read with the typed text. I don’t have too much interest in Pokemon Go. My 12-year-old son played it constantly for the first week it was out and then seemed to lose interest. Didn’t hear any complaints about the game crashing.


    1. Thank you for the feedback Ken, I shall definitely type up all my future comics too.
      I have no idea either why the game keeps crashing on me. I will try to uninstall and re-install it and see if that does the trick.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. I was too old for Pokémon, but watched it because of my nieces and nephews.
    There is nothing more frustrating then getting some type of game, and not having it work properly. It seems like sometimes, you have to upgrade, and upgrade your phone or computer, only to still have it not work right.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.


    1. the theme song for the Pokemon show was one of my favourite songs growing up (I think it still is haha), and it gives me such nostalgic feelings whenever I listen to it. I too am not a huge fan of the game at this moment. Who knows, maybe once I can figure out how to actually get the game to work, it might grow on me. Thank you for your kind comment =)


  3. I had that same experience but after a few times, it opened and was able to play.

    It’s a fun little game and made my kids get out of the house and walk. It was short-lived, though. It worked for about 2 weeks, now they only go out occasionally.


    1. I did finally get the game to work, hurray! but the game drains so much of my phone battery I can’t really play it that much and I still get the ‘no GPS signal found’ error occasionally. Thank you for stopping by my blog =)

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  4. emfoodcoach says:

    I haven’t tried playing Pokemon GO, but know people who do. I live in a major city and I haven’t heard anyone complain about the GPS signal. I haven’t tried it, but like that it gets you moving. However, I imagine people who get addicted run through their phone data like anything. But the game is great for the cell phone companies for sure. Love your drawings as always.


    1. the phone data not so much, but it does drain your battery. I have to carry a power bank with me at all times, and even then sometimes it’s not enough and I end up with a dead phone. But, the game does get me moving and exercising so that’s a great plus, especially as I usually find very little motivation to exercise. Thank you for giving my comic a read!


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