[comic] – makeup magic

I only ever put makeup on when I get invited to weddings; and every time I do, the reactions I get from people are always the same: that I look older/more mature. I guess I should start wearing makeup more often so that I don’t keep getting mistaken for a high-schooler ha.. ha..

I’m one of those girls who really don’t like the fuss of having to put makeup on though, maybe it’s because I’m such a perfectionist that it takes me ages to just put eyeliner on, or that I’m always running late, or that I hate the feel of lipstick on my lips, or that I’m just really really not good at this whole makeup business. In all seriousness, people who know how to contour are like real magicians to me.

Anyone else can relate or have any makeup hacks that can make the whole process less time-consuming? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to give this comic a like!

[comic] – makeup magic

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