personal pet peeve


One of my biggest pet peeves is people who keep me waiting, or worse, people who cancel on me last minute. I like to pride myself in my punctuality; I even used to win school awards for 100% attendance and 100% punctuality every year for 5 years straight during my high school days – I’m pretty sure that’s gotta count for something, right?

When I plan to meet someone at a certain time, I will be ready at said time (usually with even 5 or 10 minutes to spare) unless there are situations beyond my control like emergencies or accident-induced traffic jams. Also, when I am running late for whatever reason, I would let the other person know via call or IM; it’s just the courteous thing to do. But I’ve had encounters with people with no sense of time at all and who couldn’t even give me a heads up that they might be arriving late. They must’ve never heard of the saying “time is money”. If we were in the movie In Time, no one would ever be late for anything (or wait for anyone) because we’d literally be throwing minutes of our lives away.

I am aware that it is a very stereotypical thing for Indonesians to be late. It’s almost common knowledge – a given – that an event will not start at least 30 minutes after the stated starting time. Most Indonesians know that if you want people to arrive at 7:00 pm, you’d better put 6:30 pm on the invitation. It’s a habit that I wish Indonesians can remedy pronto.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, an even bigger pet peeve of mine is people who cancel, or drastically change, plans last minute for no good reason. It just messes with my expectation of how the day / outing / event / whatever it may be would go, and I’m left feeling lost, unprepared and disappointed. If you’ve ever done this to me, chances are you’re gonna have a hard time getting me to agree to any sort of future plans with you. Of course I can understand if something urgent suddenly comes up, and I’d have no problem taking a rain check and rescheduling our meet-up if that were the case. But I’ve had experiences where someone cancelled on me just because they forgot we had plans to meet up and they no longer felt like it. That just shows that I’m not particularly important to you and that you have no respect for me or my time; and I have no patience when it comes to such individuals.

I tend to reciprocate what I get. If someone treats me well and respects me, I will treat that person the same way. But if you treat me like a second option or someone to push over, then I can totally treat you that way too. This blog post might come off as a rant, but I promise it’s not; I just wanted to share one of my pet peeves with you all so that my readers can get to know me better. It makes me feel like we’re bonding, even if only virtually! *^_^*

What are your biggest pet peeves? Let me know in the comments below!


personal pet peeve

14 thoughts on “personal pet peeve

  1. heraldmarty says:

    I have to agree with you on the tardiness issue. For some being late is laziness or ignorance about managing their time, but there are a few who use it to manipulate. I recall one woman who used to regularly show up 10 to 15 minutes late to my training meetings, but she didn’t just sneak into the back, she made an ENTRANCE, so I knew very well she was doing it on purpose. After one meeting I took her aside and calmly explained that either she learn to show up on time or I would begin locking the door to the meeting room when we started. Funny thing was, she was never late again. 🙂


    1. Yep, I’m not saying that I’ve never been late to anything, but I would just like the courtesy of being informed when someone I’m meeting is running late just like I would inform the other party if I was running late. I am a totally reasonable person and will not hold it against anyone being late if they have a valid reason and apologize and give me a heads up about it. Glad to hear your little story and that it got resolved in the end, thanks for stopping by my blog!


    1. Yes, I understand that some people just have a bad sense of time, but like I said before, as long as they give me a heads up that they’re running late and a reason I’ll be fine with that. It’s the people that doesn’t inform they’re gonna be late that really gets to me. Thanks for your comment and for giving my blog a read!


  2. susht says:

    I connect with you on this Rosary, some people how much you try are haughty they don’t value others and their time. I do my best to be on time unless there are some situations out of my hand and if so happens I notify the person. I too agree ‘time is money’ we must use it wisely!


  3. Tatia S. says:

    Hi Rosary. Stopping by from the BHB group via LinkedIn. I completely understand about the frustration with getting cancelled on last minute/ lack of communication. I’ve been guilty of that habit a few times, but I try to notify my friend at least a couple hours in advance if there’s a legitimate reason for changing plans. For me, a top pet peeve is the overuse of the word like, more specifically “and I was like…. ” Lately, I pick up on people using this expression left and right that their sentences sound butchered. I wish it didn’t get under my skin so much.


    1. Hi Tatia,
      Thank you for giving my blog a read. I have to admit that I am guilty of using the word ‘like’ too often. I try not to because I know it’s really not necessary but sometimes it just slips out naturally haha..


  4. I am the same, when you are to be someone where, you have made a commitment to be there. People who do not show up, are people who break commitments. I think a person is judged by their commitments and dedication to them.


  5. There are a lot of things that can bug me, but I’m not sure I would say that they rise to the level of “pet peeves”. Perhaps at the grocery store I buy some apples (I am also a fruit lover) that turn out to be of substandard quality; say at a coffeehouse I get an iced coffee that the barista puts too much ice and/or milk in; you get the idea. What am I supposed to do about these things, throw a temper tantrum? In practice I shrug my shoulders, move on, and maybe do something different next time.


    1. Yes, I understand where you are coming from, sometimes little things that don’t go our way or exceed our expectation can be annoying but they’re not so bothersome that you’d call them pet peeves. I’ve also had moments like that and you’re right, for those kinds of little things it’s best to just move on rather than be stressed out by something we can’t change. As the saying goes, no point crying over spilled milk.


  6. I share that pet peeve and take it personally. It also can snowball. If you are meeting someone who is always late you stop bothering to show up on time and then the other person starts coming even later.


    1. Yep, I tend to not bother with those people again in the future. Like I said in my article, if a person has no respect for me or my time, chances are that person would have a hard time getting me to commit to any plans with them in the future. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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