[comic] – Santa and his reindeers

Ok, so I actually have more than just two kids at my Sunday school, I just couldn’t fit more in the panel be bothered to draw more (ha.. ha..) But really though, all of them kept answering my question with “Santa” or “elves” or “presents”, which made me a little bit sad.

I feel that Christmas has become such a commercial and materialistic holiday, and I get even sadder when I see a “Merry Xmas”. The essence of Christmas is Christ, so why replace that with an ? Christmas is, and has always been, my favourite time of the year because I know I have lots of family gatherings to look forward to. I just wish more people realise that Christmas is not just a holiday, but also a Holy day.

This is my last blog post for 2016, have a blessed Christmas and I’ll see you in the New Year with more comics!

[comic] – Santa and his reindeers

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