[comic] – switching brains

How is it already May again!? I swear this year is just flashing by… anyone else feeling the same? May is always a busy month because of finals week coming up. If you think exams are stressful for students, it’s just as stressful for teachers (especially private tutors). We have that added pressure from the parents: “we paid you to improve our kids’ grades, so those grades better be good” kind of pressure (even if they don’t say it straight).

Of course I want all my students to do well, I just think it’d be nice for schools not to put the focus on good grades and put the focus on good learning instead. I feel like schools in Asia are much more stressful for students than schools in other parts of the world. I don’t remember being as worked up as my student in this comic when I was facing my high school finals in the UK, and I’m proud to say that I was always top of my class #letmebragalittle. Maybe Asian schools can learn a thing or two from their Western counterparts.

What do you think about the education system in your country? Did you over-stress and cower in fear at the thought of upcoming finals? Let me know in the comments below!

[comic] – switching brains

14 thoughts on “[comic] – switching brains

  1. I do stress with exams. The fact that I study last-minute does not help at all. But I am so glad that I have left exams and assignments behind me now. But I do agree that so many parents blame the teach if the grade isn’t good. But, the student’s eagerness to learn and dedication also plays such an important role in doing well. You could have the best teacher in the world but if the student won’t play their part in it as well, it will go nowhere.

    Emily | http://emilytrinh.com


    1. I totally agree with you! Even though I believe that teachers do play a crucial role in a student’s learning, if the student is unwilling to put in the effort there’s only so much a teacher can do for that student. Thanks for giving my blog and comic a read =)


  2. heraldmarty says:

    I am going to pass on commenting about the quality of schools since I don’t have children and the only thing I’ve heard from my friends that do is complaints about the amount of homework. I feel fortunate that I had great teachers and loved school. That said, I definitely agree with you about the year flying by. In fact, I’m taking this weekend to work on planning and updating my goals for the second half of the year. Wishing you all the best as you work through those exams. 🙂


    1. Yeah I also think that the amount of homework kids get nowadays has really increased from my own school days, I remember when I was in primary school we only got homework once a week, on Fridays. That kind of thing would probably be unheard of now. Thank you for your well wishes and for stopping by my blog to leave your thoughts ^.^


  3. There is a lot of pressure for children to attain specific grades. Most courses require a minimum to gain entry. If a pupil does not receive this grade they will need to resit or rethink their career choices.

    As a teen, well over 20 years ago I had far more issues to deal with than exam results. I wish this had been my only stress at the time.


    1. I agree that there is pressure for students to reach certain grades, I just wish it didn’t drive students to over-stress about it, after all grades aren’t everything and one bad grade probably won’t doom their life or future. And I agree that some students might have other pressure or stress from their personal life, which makes exam stress that much more unnecessary.


  4. That might be funny, but so true. When I was in school, I did not study at all, and basically got the information through osmosis by sitting in class. I wished I did study more.


  5. Three quick points:
    (1) In my California hometown the school year dragged on until the middle of June. I’m jealous.
    (2) Tell your student to calm down: I’ll email the exam answers to her tonight. (Just kidding. ;-))
    (3) The “pressure from the parents” sentence made me think of this cartoon.


    1. Yes, actually the school year normally doesn’t end till mid June here too, but all the exams are mostly done by the end of May. That comic is so true, I feel like nowadays it’s the teachers that get blamed for the students’ bad grades…


  6. Erica says:

    I went to private school in the US and I was always so stressed. I always felt like I had more work than I could handle. When I left high school and went to college, everything seemed easy in comparison. But it makes sense to me that Asian students are so stressed because I do here about how competitive the schools are there. .


    1. It was the complete opposite for me! I found high school to be quite relaxed, and then uni hit me hard and I kinda felt I was drowning in all the work. Maybe it’s because I went to high school in the UK and then moved to Hong Kong for uni so I wasn’t used to the ‘Asian’ approach to school and studying…


  7. Sushmita Thakare Jain says:

    I agree, this year has taken a pace which is one of its own, this is such a sweet as well as a funny post! Reminded me of school day 😀
    Thanks for sharing dear 🙂


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