[comic] – getting sidetracked

I have to admit, this happens way too often in one day. For some reason when I open my phone, the very first thing I do is check those notifications (no matter how insignificant they may be).

I could be grabbing my phone with the intention of making a very important phone call, or to check my schedule on the calendar, or to text someone, but end up forgetting altogether because I’d get sidetracked by all the notifications. They say there are two kinds of people:Well, I’m totally the second one. I just cannot stand those number bubbles on the apps, I just have to click it, if only to get rid of the notification bubble. I know it’s super unimportant, but my OCD just kicks in when I see those bubbles on my phone screen. This is why 99% of the time, I have to pick my phone up twice just to accomplish my original goal. Anyone else can relate to this comic? Let me know in the comments below!

[comic] – getting sidetracked

10 thoughts on “[comic] – getting sidetracked

  1. heraldmarty says:

    Cute cartoon and certainly a relevant message. I am definitely not someone who has to click on the bubbles. 🙂


  2. This made me laugh!

    Yes, this has happened to me on a number of occasions. Notifications are a major distraction. When I comment on a post on FB, I immediately turn off notifications to avoid reading every other comment that follows. Unsure how to do this with LinkedIn but there must be a way……..

    I check written messages but am rather bad at listening to voicemail messages. I assume if it is urgent, the caller will ring back.


  3. No, I don’t click on the bubbles. I do not have my phone set up to receive any notifications other than those via Messenger. By the way, I do find the gambling pop-up on your site to be annoying. Am totally opposed to gambling.


    1. I apologize for the annoying pop-up ad, unfortunately I don’t have control over the ads that appear on my site as I am using the free domain from WordPress. I too am opposed to gambling, I’ll see if there’s any way to get rid of the ads or at the very least decide on what kind of ads are put on my site. Thanks for letting me know!

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  4. Actually, there is a third kind of person: someone who is completely unfamiliar with your little pictures because s/he doesn’t own a smartphone in the first place. Such people do exist, and I’m one of them. However, I do own a wristwatch. I bought my trusty wristwatch at a Woolworths 21 years ago; it’s still going strong and I’m wearing it right now as I’m typing this comment. Could it be time, Rosary, for you, too, to get a wristwatch? Be the pride and envy of your neighborhood and buy a wristwatch today!


    1. wow! I salute you for being able to go without owning a smartphone, I feel like my phone is an extension of my arm already, can’t live without it! Yes, I definitely should invest in a watch (and I will) I just always forget to put it on when I leave the house.. haha..


  5. It certainly shows ho much people depend on their phones. I sometimes like the fact, I do not use my smart phone very often. There is something special about wearing a watch, but even now, our watches tell you have many steps you take, your heart rate etc.


    1. I agree that once in a while it’s a good idea to disconnect and spend time without out smartphones, and yes, you’re right there’s such a thing as a smartwatch now so maybe owning a (smart)watch might not be the best move if I’m trying to avoid distraction! Thanks for giving my comic a read =)


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